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  • Stand a chance to loot Alienware™ gear on Planet Arkadia (Event has ended)

    You'll stand a chance to loot Alienware™ gear when Planet Arkadia launches.
    All items are kindly sponsored by Alienware™

    All Alienware™ gear have been looted. Thank you for your participation in the event.

    Alienware TactX™ Headset #1
    Alienware TactX™ Headset #2
    Alienware TactX™ Headset #3
    Alienware TactX™ Headset #4
    Alienware TactX™ Headset #5

    Alienware TactX™ Mouse #1
    Alienware TactX™ Mouse #2
    Alienware TactX™ Mouse #3
    Alienware TactX™ Mouse #4
    Alienware TactX™ Mouse #5

    Alienware TactX™ Keyboard #1
    Alienware TactX™ Keyboard #2
    Alienware TactX™ Keyboard #3
    Alienware TactX™ Keyboard #4
    Alienware TactX™ Keyboard #5

    Alienware M11x Laptop #1
    Alienware M11x Laptop #2

    Items still to be looted
    0 X Alienware M11x Laptops
    0 X Alienware TactX Keyboards
    0 X Alienware TactX Headsets
    0 X Alienware TactX Mice

    For more information on Alienware™ products, please visit: or

    Please send a private message to me, Cyrus, if you have looted an Alienware Certificate. I will inform you the steps you have to follow for the item to be sent to your address.

    Comments 76 Comments
    1. Larkin's Avatar
      Larkin -
      This is unbelievable!!! That is so awesome! Woooow! Such great news!
    1. MindStar9's Avatar
      MindStar9 -
      This just keeps getting better - wow!

    1. Max EJ's Avatar
      Max EJ -
    1. Teiwaz's Avatar
      Teiwaz -
      Nice move
      I need that M11x....

      Will those be with Arkadia's logos?
    1. XeroX's Avatar
      XeroX -
      Whoa that was one hell of an exiting newsletter! Including this news even though they where slightly less exiting.
    1. Kitten's Avatar
      Kitten -
      Oh my gawd!!!!

    1. RexDameon's Avatar
      RexDameon -
      i would be actually super happy even if i looted a mouse because i could really use a new mouse
    1. RexDameon's Avatar
      RexDameon -
      HA i get it now Alienware it totally makes sense finding alienware on an alien planet i'm so slow
    1. Lykke's Avatar
      Lykke -
      That's the coolest
    1. Lazz's Avatar
      Lazz -
      That is sweet
      I sure could use a laptop
    1. harmony's Avatar
      harmony -
      Just out of curiousity, can you loot it only with hunting?
    1. Snape's Avatar
      Snape -
      Quote Originally Posted by harmony View Post
      Just out of curiousity, can you loot it only with hunting?
      This means that you have the chance to loot Alienware™ products when you participate in hunting, mining and crafting activities when Planet Arkadia launches.
      there you go
    1. harmony's Avatar
      harmony -
      lol yes so excited, can't even read anymore
    1. RAZER's Avatar
      RAZER -
      that is really great news and I hope you guys can keep this up with more companies. I'm sure this will attract some people to the planet and I'm sure you guys will get some nice puters for the office to from Alienware
    1. Cyborg Bill's Avatar
      Cyborg Bill -
      Yeah an alienware lappy would be sweet in a loot window. Not into mice any longer personally as I use a trackball to save the wrist for playing my guitars so I have no Idea how special those in the contest are. I assume really nice as the comments thus far with people wanting them as well.

      This is a great way to start off in a new home having some extra special motivation. 8=}}
    1. Xaph's Avatar
      Xaph -
      I think it's superb that Dell's nicheware aka Alienware has come to the party with some goodies.

      Perhaps as an enhancement their continued sponsorship might involve ingame recognition like a pistol .....suggest 'Alienware Empress' .......or dammed big billboard in game.

      This could even involve a naming competition, or graffics competition for all and sundry. I know my old mate The Onciest Dropkick would certainly apply his graffic mastery to it!

      Absolute coo the offings are fabulous and Arkadia shimmers in it's preparation
    1. raynopssgold's Avatar
      raynopssgold -
      OMG, what some fabulous prizes here...
    1. Bolivar's Avatar
      Bolivar -
    1. dude's Avatar
      dude -
      This could be the beginning of something beautiful .
    1. Calin's Avatar
      Calin -
      Very nice Treasure to start the hunt. You can all fight over the comps.. I want a mouse!
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