• Event: The Lost Interns (The event has ended. Thank you for participating in the event)

    Event Has Ended

    All 5 missing Archaeology Interns have been found. Dr. Sundari Zhen says a big Thank You to the following colonists for helping to find them.

    Congratulations to:
    Endy for finding Missing ArchSoc Intern #1
    Ifuri for finding Missing ArchSoc Intern #2
    Ceral Avarice Altruaer for finding Missing ArchSoc Intern #3
    Symulakron for finding Missing ArchSoc Intern #4
    FF Jin Franka for finding Missing ArchSoc Intern #5

    You will need to meet up with me in-game to claim your prizes. Please pm me for the details.

    Thank You!


    __________________________________________________ __

    5 interns from the Archaeological Society have gone missing since the Oratan first attacked. We suspect they're hiding from the Oratan and may be difficult to find. Dr. Sundari Zhen is offering rewards to anyone who manages to locate each of her interns.


    You should talk to Dr. Sundari Zhen at the Archaeology Society Headquarters (located at Celeste Harbour) to get started on this mission.

    Event Rules:
    (I) Event starts immediately at launch of Planet Arkadia and ends when all 5 missing interns have been found.

    (II) If you've determined that you have found an intern, please take a screenshot and post on this thread.

    Screenshot must include:
    (a) Timestamp (Press U on your keyboard for timestamps to appear on chat)

    (b) Co-ordinates (Press P on your keyboard for co-ordinates on chat). Co-ordinates are needed to verify that the screenshot is taken where the discovered intern is.

    (c) Missing intern must be visible in your screenshot.

    (d) Your in-game name must be visible on the user-interface so please do not hide it when you take the screenshot.

    Screenshot Example

    (III) You can discover and post screenshots of different interns.

    (IV) You must register on Arkadia Forum (www.arkadiaforum.com) to take part in the competition.

    (V) You cannot post on behalf of other another player they must register and post themselves.

    How to win:
    - First post here with eligible screenshot of each missing intern wins the prize.

    - 5 sets of rewards to be given away, one per intern.

    - The winner will be announced on the forum and notified via PM.

    Who can enter:
    Anyone may enter except:
    (A) Staff and family members of all Entropia Universe Planet Partners
    (B) Staff and family members of MindArk PE AB and EUSO

    *Final call on Eligibility will be decided by Arkadia Studios.


    First post with screenshot of each missing intern wins a set of the following items:

    Herman ASI 20 (L)
    Herman ARK 20 (L)

    Herman LAW 202 (L)

    MAKO FAL 2 (L)

    Gyro FAP 6 (L)

    Rewards will be given out once all 5 interns have been found.
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    1. Manny's Avatar
      Manny -

      But... what are they wearing?
    1. Smoerble's Avatar
      Smoerble -
      Who cares, just look for them...
      a) the picture is a good hint and
      b) if its too easy, it's no fun anymore
    1. Obi's Avatar
      Obi -
      Count me in I will turn around every stone in there untill I found one pieces lol
    1. Lezardine's Avatar
      Lezardine -
      I'm in too!
    1. XeroX's Avatar
      XeroX -
      looks like a good starting event!
    1. Lee DeLioncourt's Avatar
      Lee DeLioncourt -
      Nice way to blend start up missions with a forum contest Looking forward to getting started.
    1. RAZER's Avatar
      RAZER -
      Man, the planet isn't even launched and the missions are already better then the "kill 1000000 <insert mob name here>" missions.

      I will look for them while I'm exploring, but exploring is my main goal, finding the interns will be a bonus.
    1. Puck's Avatar
      Puck -
      Cool looking armor, etc.

      The discoveries should be very interesting, and fun!
    1. Cyrus's Avatar
      Cyrus -
      Quote Originally Posted by Puck View Post
      Cool looking armor, etc.
      Haha. Thank you Puck for noticing. Was a subtle sneak peek that I was beginning to worry was maybe too subtle.
    1. Evil Aeon's Avatar
      Evil Aeon -
      Mission looks very promising ,also hoping for more UL stuff ,maybe armor
    1. malasuerte's Avatar
      malasuerte -
      woooooohoooooooooo this is the kind of events I like
    1. XeroX's Avatar
      XeroX -
      Quote Originally Posted by Cyrus - Community Manager View Post
      Haha. Thank you Puck for noticing. Was a subtle sneak peek that I was beginning to worry was maybe too subtle.
      At first I thought that was only some experiment since it looked like there was still checker pattern on the tight guards so nothing for release. However when I managed to get the picture in full view I realized that pattern was intentional. I love the new armor designs because they aren't the usual slightly changed copies or even dublicates.
    1. dude's Avatar
      dude -
      Gratz on the first mission/contest . To bad I'll be the only winner )
    1. MindStar9's Avatar
      MindStar9 -
      Nice way to introduce Arkadia with a cool in-game/forum contest - should be fun for everyone.

      I'll be exploring too, and capturing photos and footage for my first Arkadia storytelling article here at the forum. I'm hoping to get it posted on Wednesday.

      I'm also collecting a few photos for the Arkadia follow-up article that I'll be working on with Dave for the June issue of the magazine, so fun all around for sure.
    1. Manny's Avatar
      Manny -
      Quote Originally Posted by Cyrus - Community Manager View Post
      Haha. Thank you Puck for noticing. Was a subtle sneak peek that I was beginning to worry was maybe too subtle.
      Hey! I noticed them first - but Smoerble doesn't seem to care for new armor
    1. Cani Ostro's Avatar
      Cani Ostro -
      Can the event start ten days later from relaunch?

      By that time I am done downloading and could participate.

      Pretty please
    1. Teiwaz's Avatar
      Teiwaz -
      Quote Originally Posted by Cyrus - Community Manager View Post
      Haha. Thank you Puck for noticing. Was a subtle sneak peek that I was beginning to worry was maybe too subtle.
      No worries Cyrus, it's easily noticeable when you see screeie in full size. Looks good

      On rules:
      - pos is visible on radar, so is it really required to have pos stamp in chat?
      - would be good to set maximum time/date to post screenies - somebody might be first to find Intern but might be too late to post it here
    1. Larkin's Avatar
      Larkin -
      Very cool! I'm liking the outfits too
    1. lokiscamaro's Avatar
      lokiscamaro -
      a whole suit of that black and yellow mesh armor would be sweeeeeeeeet, like a nano-suit
    1. pee's Avatar
      pee -
      Count me in, still hoping for more UL stuff.
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